From a simple training to a personal challenge or a family activity, Run for Leucan is a sporting challenge focused on running that welcomes runners of all levels. Several races are available, either individually or in teams.

Beyond fundraising, Run for Leucan is also intended as a gesture of solidarity for families whose child has cancer, demonstrating that they are not alone in their struggle.


Back-to-School Time for Cancer-Stricken Children: Support is Needed

On this day marking the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Leucan seizes the opportunity to remind people of the importance of support when cancer-stricken children return to school...

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Discouver Run for Leucan’s new website!

The participants of this edition of Run for Leucan will have the chance to navigate the brand new website and discover the functionalities available to them. NEW Recurring participants:...

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Purchase Leucan’s running cap!

Show your colours and your solidarity: wear the Leucan running cap! Are you participating in a race to benefit Leucan? Do you want to show your support towards cancer-stricken children?...

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